Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bush Babies

On Saturday morning we learned that another of our precious babies had passed away. We rushed little Alfred to the clinic on Thursday morning in respiratory distress. We had to make 9 trips back and forth from the clinic to the Haven to acquire all the necessary peices to make oxygen available to this little guy. The doctor said he had aspiration pnuemonia. When the power went out on Friday night, they moved him back to the Haven where there is a generator. And around 6:00 am he passed away. He was a month old, and his family is still in mourning for the passing of his mother.

Today, Lenord invited us to his church in the bush. I must say, it was quite an adventure getting there. Lenord lives about 20 minutes from the mission. We loaded in "Khaki Jackie" and headed down the road toward Kasibi. Before we could leave we met up with Mrs. Hamby and the other members of the medical mission. When we arrived at the Kasibi Church of Christ we were greeted by a group of women calling themselves The Kasibi Church of Christ Singers. They were so cute, dressed alike with matching homemade t-shirts. They sand a welcome song in Tonga and then the service began. Zambians know how to do church, their services are LONG! They invited us to stand and share a song with them and lucky we had one rehearsed. We sang "Wonderful, Merciful, Savior" and they really seemed to enjoy it! After church we all had to shake hands and make a line around the church so each and every member could say hello. It was nice.

After church, Lenord invited us to his home and made us Lunch. It was delicious as usual. Chicken and rice with chocolate cake! Then to our surprise we heard a band playing right outside of Lenord's house. As we went to see, we notice all the children dancing around the music and let me tell you, these kids can move! So being a good Church of Christ girl, I was hesitant to join in but when I saw BW head that direction, I knew all would be fine. We danced a few song with the kids and I think the adults got a kick out of us!

This evening after church, Ian and his friend David(along with four other students) were baptized. It was great to see DT do this here in Zambia. The kids just kept coming forward saying they wanted to join. It was sweet.

The internet has been working good, and the electricity is on for now. These are both good things! We have just one more week at the Haven before we leave. It is a bitter sweet feeling. Knowing I may not see these sweet babies ever again is hard. But I am ready to be home with my family and friends. This has truly been an amazing experience. Tanks to all who helped me get here.


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