Friday, June 4, 2010

There will be peace....

We have been on Language therapy duty this week, and it has been a real experience! It is amazing to see our little ones coming out of their shells and coming alive. We have been hear a lot of sound imitation and babbling in our baby classes, and lots more sentence structure with our older kids. They have been requesting and imitating words and sentences, also they are more vocal independently. Our day starts at Haven 2 with they older kids where we have a modified circle time, we introduce items and sing song about them. We have even managed to get the aunties involved. It was awesome to see them teaching portions of the circle time, makes me think this stuff is sticking. Then head to Haven 1 for our 1 year olds and younger kids. We do kind of a modified cradle roll class. After lunch we usually head back to Haven 1 where we do some individual type groups. Small groups with three of four kids and one therapist. We read books, sing songs, and imitate sounds for treats!! Yes bribing works here too. Then we go to Haven 3 and have two groups. One with little babies in bouncy chairs and another with about 12 toddler corralled into two beds. More singing and reading is done here. We have really seen these kids come alive this week and it has been truly amazing to be apart of that.

Wednesday after dinner, Marga, Sarah and I decided to head over to the college to attend the singing class. When we arrived we discovered there was going to be a bible study before our singing class began. The topic of discussion was Forgiving and Forgetting. These ladies posed some really tough questions to each other and it was intense to say the least. After the lesson was finished, the student body President and VP came in to make some announcements. It was a little uncomfortable for the three of us, as they were kind of airing dirty laundry. They told the girls that “there will be peace in the girls dorms”, the president then went on to say “he didn’t want to name names but he would.” After this was brought up, the VP discussed the dress code (which it seemed to me had been discussed more then once). This consisted of modest neat dress, with below the knee skirts and no trousers for girls. I can get behind that, it sounded good to me. Then the big kicker came. The President told all of the women “if you have a husband or a boyfriend that is not on campus, honor them with your actions.”

In Closing, honor your husbands and boyfriends with your actions. Remember who made you and who you belong to.

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