Monday, June 7, 2010

No matter what....

So after some much needed rest on Saturday morning ( we let Lenord have the morning off and slept through breakfast), we all headed to Kalomo for a shopping excursion. Caroline, Sarah and i hit the Chitange market hard this trip. Yes that is right, we bought 43 chitange between the three of us. Marga and I had a nice idea to have Mrs.Mono make us some baby quilts. I know I have no baby, nor do I plan to anytime soon. But when am I ever going to be in Africa again? I thought it would be nice to have them and hand them down. Sweet idea huh?

So after we fully drained the market of chitange and single-handedly stimulated the Kalomo economy, we headed home for dinner with Diet Cokes in tow. Sarah had complained of have a rough throat all day but I really thought she was just thirsty. Sunday morning she awoke with a horrible throat ache, the nurse confirmed Step throat. So once again, my roommate is sick! Great! We headed to church and had a blast singing with kids at children's church. We had another nice pot luck lunch which included Mrs. Ellie Hamby, who is something is a celebrity here in Zambia! She is larger than life and fantastic. After lunch, Lacey came down with something and after an all nighter, she also saw the nurse and has been down for the count. I babysat the sick ones while everyone else heading to sunday night service.

We headed back over to the Haven this morning for therapy. This week, we changed the groups a little (Rachel and I still get to be together) and we are doing both feeding and language therapy. Rach and I started with feeding this morning and Caroline had a great idea to read a sweet book the kids. "No Matter What", the words are simple but true. No matter what you are or where you go, I will always love you! So sweet that Rach and I began to cry. Sitting in that room, holding our babies tight, I realized I miss home but I will also miss my sweet ones when I leave. Mine is a torn heart, I love my family and want to be home, but I have also bonded with many of the little ones here and care for them deeply. I think the hardest part is leaving them with the uncertainty of knowing what will com of them.

Pray for our babies. They need as many as they can get!


I would post some pictures but after nearly 30 mintues of waiting for them to upload, I give up!

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